Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Has the Fast Food World Come To??

Are you kidding me, peeps? This new little gem from KFC higlights all that is wrong with American fast food cuisine. The K.F.C. website says this about its menu's newest item, "this one-of-a-kind sandwich features two thick and juicy boneless white meat chicken filets (Original Recipe® or Grilled), two pieces of bacon, two melted slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese and Colonel's Sauce". No matter how good it tastes--it contains half the recommended daily allowance of fat and almost three quarters the recommended daily allowance of sodium for an adult! This isn't something we should run out and buy, this is an atrocity of a monstrosity! This is puke city U.S.A! Somewhere in the world people are laughing at us. Again.

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The Barnes Family Blog said...

I saw the commercial for that...GROSS!!! I would like to know who eats that!