Monday, May 17, 2010


Since my favorite thing under the sun to blog about is my dearest children--let me tell you about a conversation we had last night. It started because I heard Ava whimpering in her room, and went to check out what was up. When I entered the room, she appeared afraid of something. Up to now she has expressed very few fears for a child of three, so I was really wondering what was up. I sat Ava down in my lap and began to rock her, like we used to do every night when she was even littler than she is now. She immediately said, "mama, I don't want anyone to take me away". I knew instantly that Ava was referring to a conversation we had earlier in the day, when she became separated from me at JC Penney's. After not being able to find Ava for approximately one minute, I took the time to tell her that "strangers can take you away from mommy if you get lost from her". It was one of those precious moments in parenting when you are hell bent on getting a message across, but realize you have only succeeded in planting a tremendous dose of fear in your dear babe. Of course our little talk was weighing on her mind. I told Ava that no one is going to take her away. She said, "but mama, what if a stranger comes in my room?" I assured her this would not happen, because her daddy wouldn't allow it. She said, "but momma, what if daddy is not at home?" I assured my dearie that I can keep her safe as well. She then very seriously stated, "and no more Scooby-Doo, mama, you should never have put that on, it really scared me!". She then shed a few more tears before saying, "and no more of that Gardenfield either, mom, he scares me too!" She then paused thoughtfully with the most serious of looks on her face and said, "and one more thing, mama! I do really need a horn for my bike. I really do". Isn't she a doll?

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