Thursday, December 2, 2010


Where oh where on Earth have I been, dear blog?
I have been so busy I feel like I am running in all directions.
I don't feel like I am being a good enough mother right now.
I feel like there's never enough time in the day.
I have purpose and lack patience.
I am not cultivating my marriage.
What's wrong, you say, dear blog?
Well, I don't know. It feels like some of the existential issues I learned about during my clinical psych degree. I feel alone sometimes lately and misunderstood. I worry and worry about the people I love being taken from me. My cat and my grandmas are old. Accidents and terminal illness happen. Everything is unpredictable and I am in the middle trying to regain control like my type A self always tries to do. *sigh*. I will try to visit you more often, dear blog. Sometimes it's cathartic just to send something out into the blogosphere.

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