Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wow.. 5 days until Christmas!
I can hardly believe it. I hope I remember this Christmas for always. Ava is at the perfect age for all of the wonder and magic that Christmas is. She loves looking forward to parties, has the biggest sweet tooth I have ever seen, and can't wait to spend time with family. She counts down the days until Christmas every night before bedtime. She continually asks us if Santa thinks she has been naughty. She reminds us a lot that she thinks that her brother has indeed been naughty. Alex just doesn't quite get it all yet. I know he will love his presents and time with family, but he can't articulate the questions that Ava has. Ava loves to ask about the logistics of it all, such as, "how will Santa get down the chimney if there's a fire?" Ava's Christmas list includes some of the expected: a Dora doll, Barbies, a dollhouse. Bub's list included his all two favorite things: "CHOO CHOO TRAINS AND CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He truly lives for cars and trains, and is always carrying them around and sleeping with the toys and books that are train and car related. This year Alx wasn't even afraid to sit on Santa's lap (you can reference last year's picture of Alex on Santa's lap if you are so inclined, it's an earlier entry on this blog). When Ava sat on Santa's lap she surprised her father and I by also asking him to bring trains for Alex. We considered this quite selfless. My how my little ones have grown.

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