Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Baby is 4?!??!??!

It's unbelievably hard to come to grips with the fact that my baby is turning 4. Oh how we love you so, sweetest Birdie. You are such a creative and imaginative child! You spend most of your free time with a book, hands grasped tightly, with your face full of joy as you expressively tell new stories. You are always asking questions. You are quick to say I love you, and even quicker to give a kiss. You always say that Alex is your best friend, and sometimes he is even your prince. You recently started taking showers and washing independently, and you are so proud of this accomplishment! You like to do most things on your own, and mama likes to help you with most things, because mama is entirely too type A for her own good, and just doesn't want to let go of that glimmer of babyhood left inside you. You are a darn good eater and have a sweet tooth like no other! You are really doing well in tumbling class and mom and dad are proud of you daily. Your cousins mean everything to you and you talk about them often. Ava, I hope that you hold on to your sense of wonder throughout your entire life. I love to hear you weave stories. I love to hear you work to make sense of something. I love your beautiful and shiny hair and big blue eyes. I am not fond of the poking and pinching that is aimed at Alex. I love how freely you give your love. You are my all, Birdie Girl.

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