Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Bub

How could I not have spoken about Big Bub on his birthday!??!?! I feel entirely negligent. My Bub is 2 years old now! He is large and in charge. He is sweet and a cuddler. He is quick to laugh and even quicker to squawk when he doesn't get his way. I near "NOOOOO, SISSY!!!!", numerous times in a day! Only occasionally these outbursts include physical contact! You look JUST like your daddy, Big Bub. You are mama's special little *not so little* boy. You color so well, Bub. I know you just love to sit and make beautiful pictures. You also loves cars, trains, and airplanes. Your legs and knees are so bruised because it's always non stop action and fun with you. You are such a superb little brother, and feel lost if sissy isn't around. Your big blue eyes are just like your sister's, and your dad and I marvel all the time at how you got those in the first place! You are my special little sweetie, Big Bub. You mean the world to us, Alley Urlacher.

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