Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Step in Front of the Other

Jeepers Creepers (as Ava would say!)-- I sure have been busy! I am really working to re-find myself, reinvent myself, have more time to myself, and keep my neuroplasticity up. (If you don't know what neuroplasticity is, check this out: If nothing else, maybe I am staving off Alzheimer's!

So here's what I've been up to!
  • I am running again, and I am loving it. I really admire running because it taxes the body so, is a tremendously cerebral exercise, and gives you a sense of one-ness with other runners. (I am always pondering the existential, believe me, peeps). On the down side, I have been suffering from severe shin splints, or medial tibial stress as the brainy types call it. It started as mild, but I kept running and it became something so excruciatingly painful that I could barely walk. I half scooted down the Y steps the last time I ran and wondered if my legs were about to birth a ten pound baby. I wailed in the car on the way home, and it was entirely reminiscent of my wails during childbirthing. A little PTSD I did experience after that episode. Nonetheless, I have now educated myself about the treatment, cause, and preventative measures for avoiding recurrence of said shin splints. I can't wait to get back to running, but I am afraid of the leg labor pains. I am humbled. Soooooo, I tackled and conquered 45 minutes on the elliptical, but felt like a weanie or a sellout. As a side note, I got these cool new running shoes!!
  • Not so un-related to working out-- I have been tweaking my diet in attempts to lose weight. I have never been a "big eater" per se, but I definitely enjoy food and good beer. I have been cutting calories, drinking more water, and really watching portions. I have 3 weddings to prepare for this summer, mind you. Not to mention I am competing in a Biggest Loser competition. No, I will not stand on a pedestal and remove my clothing and wear nothing but a sports bra and lycra shorts, but I will tell you I have lost about 8 pounds. It is VERY hard for me to lose weight, and it takes time. I have been losing about 1 lb a week. Sounds lame, but I will take it anyway it comes off!
  • As I mentioned previously-- I bought a great camera! I am really enjoying learning about the camera, and then trying out new things I have learned. I am also trying to teach myself the basics of Photoshop. My biggest desire is to take better pictures of my kids, and I think I am already getting somewhere on this goal.
  • I have been enjoying the heck out of my Kindle. I love it more than I ever thought possible. I am reading fiction at least 5 days out of 7. Reading fiction 5 days out of 7 = happy Mindi.
  • Finally, I am spending precious spare time reflecting on the importance of my children and my husband in my life. When Ava goes up to bed, she hollers at least two times that she has to go potty (even though she has already gone). She always manages to tinkle just a tiny bit. I am always a little annoyed when I trudge upstairs, just having started the dishes or perusing the internet for that great yellow leather bag that alludes me. Anywho, when she runs to the potty, she always does this little skip with a smile on her face. It reminds me that life isn't all that serious, that there's fun in mundane moments, and most of all, it reminds me that she's one of two sunshines of my life. I continue to thwart all of Alex's plans to grow up, since he is invariably my last baby. I know that Jeremy is a little down about being laid off, and I want to spend more time helping him feel appreciated for all he does to contribute to his household and nurture us.
Good Night, blog. Here are a few pics with my new camera!

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