Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Conversation with Ms. Ava

I am constantly amazed by this child.

Me: Ava, what do you think is good about daddy?
Ava: How he turns on my fan and my nightlight.
Me: What do you think is good about mommy?
Ava: How you pick up all my toys.
Me: What about Grandma Lisa?
Ava: How she gives me a drink in a special cup.
Me: What about Grandpa Dave?
Ava: How he falls asleep on his red couch.
Me: Grandma Rita?
Ava: How she makes me supper.
Me: And Grandpa Doug?
Ava: How he helps Grandma Rita make me mac n cheese.
Me: What is good about Aunt Ashley?
Ava: How she and Uncle Ryan take me to the zoo to see all the animals.
Me: What about Aunt Tess?
Ava: How she takes a shower in the mornings.
Me: And what about Alex?
Ava: How he makes silly faces at me.
Me: What about Grandma Shirley?
Ava: How she sits on our couch with us.
Me: And Grandma Marty?
Ava: She sits on her own couch.
Me: What about Grandpa John?
Ava: He takes me for good bike rides. That's good.

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Mike Blythe said...

Seems all of the comments exude a certain security, safety, and childilke contentment. May it last forever.