Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So Jer and I considering taking a little trip this summer. Less than five days. It will be soo hard to leave the kids, but I think it will really be good for us. I really want to celebrate finishing school. Besides, when will we ever get 6 G's back from taxes again? Anyways, I dug out some old pics of Jer and I when we went on a trip to Jamaica in 2005.

Ignore the fact that I am so boobalicious, apparently that's how I rolled back then.

This sign cracked my sister and I up everytime we passed it.

My we were both thinner back then!
It actually wasn't a top of the line resort. But due to some overbooking we got an upgrade to a private villa! This was the view from our private pool.

Ok, enough reminiscing. Back to the real world. I think I will go watch the season finale of Top Chef. Toodles!


Hawklady said...

Sounds good. Where do you think you will go? I think you are so funny! What does the sign say?

Liz said...

I'm so jealous...I want a vacay! But someone has to take summer school. :-( We need to catch up soon. Get the kiddos together for a play date or somethiing.

Miss you!