Monday, February 2, 2009

Two Babies

Wow. I cannot believe all of the amazing and kooky things my two little darlings are doing these days. I wanted to take a little time to remind myself of all of the tiny wonderous things that I get to witness every day in my life.

Alex just turned eight months old a few days ago, and I don't know where the time has gone. He still grins ear to ear when he sees me and laughs so hard when his daddy entertains him with funny faces. He barely likes to be held, because he's intent on wiggle worming his way out of our arms so that he can explore the entire house. It kind of looks like's swimming--he glides around effortlessly through the rooms, rifling through everything in his path. Alex weighs over twenty pounds, and when you carry him outside, he throws himself backwards to stare up at the sky. His hair grows longer around his little ears, and he has the brightest blue eyes. His favorite pastimes are jumping in his johnny jumper, sucking on his binky, and listening to his lullabye CD, which he enjoys as much as his sister does. Ava entertains him constantly, and they love to kick back and watch Elmo videos together. Ava still loves Elmo, and doesn't care much for anything else on TV. She most enjoys watching an Elmo video in her little Elmo chair, with a nack (snack) of cheerios, dried fruit, yogos, and animal crackers that mom makes her. If she's really lucky she also gets a prune or a "baby bite" as she calls it(she named them this because I was constantly reminding her to take baby bites when she eats them.... and YUCK, by the way)! Ava stil has more energy than I have ever seen in one human being in my entire life. She runs circles around the house constantly, pushing her baby stroller into everything in her path. She is all about accessories--she is often wearing mom's shoes, a headband worn as a visor over her eyes, sunglasses on her head, and gloves on her hands. She cares for all of her babies like a little momma--removing their clothing, feeding them, smacking them around, and diapering them. Her vocabulary is getting really impressive--she's getting the hang of counting, likes to sing, and yells "I want my moooozic on evabodeeeee" when lullabye CD stops playing at bedtime. She finally allows hair pretties to stay in place, and even went pee pee on the potty tonight!

It just takes a little time and reflection--but I do know--how much I value every minute I have in this life with these two special babies.

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Hawklady said...

They are growing up so fast aren't they?