Monday, October 20, 2008

Do you want to know what really gets on my flipping nerves?

Well, since you asked or didn't..
Here is what drives me insane in my membrane:

I am really bothered by people who walk around with obvious black or whiteheads on their face. Pick it. Please.

I get really annoyed when people overly touch their food. My sister not only takes apart her sandwich, but touches everything a ton and I have even seen some people smear catsup with their finger.

I don't like the overuse of apostrophes.. especially in store signs! The "excessive use of quotation marks" is also annoying!

Littering really irks me. I feel like it's just laziness in many cases.

Another pet peeve is the sound of styrofoam rubbing against anything. It makes me cringe!

I get so annoyed when people don't tip. Really people, do you know what it's like to make $3.50 an hour? Do you really know what it's like to serve a random stranger's every whim for ranch dressing, more mr. pib and then more ranch dressing?

I hate when I hear "she didn't have enough money to go to school". She can take out a loan.

Why oh why oh why oh does it ever make sense to drive in the fast lane when you are clearly a slow lane kinda guy or gal?

Socks + sex never make sense.

Egg sandwiches. Possibly because they are often served with catsup or catchup or ketchup.

Why do old people think it's ok to say anything on their mind even when it's insanely offensive? That is so annoying.

I can't take it when someone doesn't follow the basic laws of the land in regards to taking turns in the line at McDonald's. I believe in karma, and you will be peeling off your own toenails in hell.


AuntD said...

Days like Sunday..

1. Walked through the screen door for the second time and twisted my ankle.

2. Burned my chin with the heating pad. (long story)

3. Broke up a dog fight only to be bitten in the side, wrist and hand.

4. Laying in bed wondering what I had done to deserve this day!

Aunt D.

Mindi said...

I love you Dooba Looba!!

Mamma said...

It's 9:04 PM, Fri. night and since I get to wake up on my own tomorrow morning, my cup is half full.
1.Highlight of my day was eating a fish sand. and frys during lunch and watching the rain and not hearing Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Mrs. Makeever, Mrs. Makeever. Dr. Lisa likes alone time and the smell of rain.
2. A cold beer on Friday.
3. My sister is my best friend.
4. I see the best traits in John and I when I visit Birdie and the Ax. We really do live forever, death is not the end.
5. I like Minnie's taste in music.
6. I'm glad my seeeter's doggin's are going to have a full recovery after the foaming at the mouth scare.
7.Tess Ann's food touching is not that bad, since she mimics her Grandma Martie, who I still love to pieces.
8.Ashley does not need me too much these days. Oh......... true, real, deep, love is God's best gift.
9.Davey, lets me shine, and I get to be me every single day.
10. I love cold beers on Friday.