Sunday, January 4, 2015

Run Mindi, Run!

I log my miles after running faithfully on Dailymile.  It helps keep me accountable and on track to workout three times a week.  I always look forward to my end of the year report indicating how many miles I've run over the past year.  I am proud that in 2014 I ran nearly 300 miles.  It's hard for me to write that, because with my personality, no matter what I accomplish I feel disappointed that I didn't do more. 

2014 really was a great year for racing.  I had a slow start last January due to my surgery but I felt that it was really special to for my first 5k of 2014 to be the run in memory of Tyson Twitchel in March.

In 2014 I beat times on previous races.  I did the Bix for the second time.  My favorite (and fastest) race of the year was the Steamboat in Peoria.  It was a mostly flat but interesting course.  My least favorite race was the Maui Jim Maka Maka run-- it was in August and miserably hot.  They didn't time anyone and the course was terribly boring (think, a frontage road).  The St. Jude Galesburg to Peoria run was once again difficult but so inspiring.  I trekked 13 miles in that run this year, which is one mile more than last year. 

My funnest race was the Screaming Pumpkin 10k, my first "fun run".  It was a Halloween race at night in a Peoria cemetery.  Ash and I both dressed as Minnie Mouse (Minnie Mice!?!?)and ran it together with handheld flashlights.  We talked the whole time and worked together so we didn't fall.  Jeremy and Ryan dressed as Barnie and Fred Flintstone and their appearance alone cracked us up all night. 

I always most look forward to Run Galesburg Run.  It's great that Galesburg has such a special race and it's an all-around fun event with the family.  I am hoping that in 2015 my mom can do it again, as well as see my sissy Tara attempt her first 5k!

Running is hard.  It hurts, it's boring, and it takes me away from my kids.  I keep at it faithfully, though, because it helps me feel both alive and that I'm living my life to the fullest.  I plan to train for my first half marathon in 2015.

There.  Saying it on the blog makes it official!

I also want to try this in 2015:

Happy 2015 to you and good luck on your goals!

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susan d said...

Very cool, Mindy. I miss your bright light and calm support.
It almost makes me wish I could run, almost...