Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ava's 8!

Holy smokes! My Birdie is 8 tomorrow!  

When Ava was born, many people warned me that my time with her would fly by.  This is entirely accurate. Even after eight years I can't believe that we have been blessed with such a special child.  I don't mean to brag, but I do aim to be honest here:  I truly think she's special.  Ava always sees the best in every person she meets.  She always asks me how she can help people more.  She's my girl who independently requests to volunteer at the local food pantry.  She's a dreamer and a creator and fiercely independent and brave.  There's a fragility and and physical awkwardness to her that are so endearing.  There's also a sense of innocence because we've worked to shelter her from the ugly in this world.  She's an ace reader and is always in tune with everyone else's emotions. She's a silly and oh so messy girl (borderline hoarder) whose favorite foods are buffalo wings, sushi, and avocado.  Her singing voice is beautiful and she can match pitch beautifully.  She's Jeremy's daddy's girl, and her grandma's pug Michener's partner in crime.  She's Alex's pseudo-nanny and my bestie.  Ava's already so much better than I'll ever be; she's an ethereal light.

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susan d said...

Based solely on knowing you, and her beautiful pictures, I would say ethereal light is the perfect description!