Friday, January 3, 2014


So, today really stinks. Nothing today is easy. We woke up with the carbon monoxide alarm going off. Ava woke up covered in spots. I left the ATM without my hundred dollars. The drains in the basement are leaking water that smells suspiciously like sewage. The plumber came and can't fix it, the job will require more work, likely a lot more work. I can honestly tell you that after all I have been through, I can put this terrible day into perspective and realize how blessed I am. I have the most loving family, the most "there when you need them" friends, the most fulfilling job, the warmest house, and the most strong and able body. I know it isn't luck, I'm blessed. My experiences in the last year have brought me closer to God. I know that may sound terribly cliche, but I am no longer thanking my lucky stars. I can get through all that as been put in front of me today, and DOMINATE it all.

I am headed to have a beer with a bestie. I deserve it after today. xo


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