Sunday, September 29, 2013

Erma Gerd, We ARE Related!

I was downloading pics from Ava's birthday trip to Build-a-Bear when I came across proof that there's a genetic link between my daughter and I! Trust me, my experience birthing her is forever seared in my brain, but there's always been that teensy tiny thought in the back of my head that a negligent nurse performed a little switcheroo in the hospital with my baby and someone else's. (Tell me this is normal!??) This little thought gained some traction when I soon realized my little darling's eyes were blue and her hair full of natural curl. These were surprises of the good kind but over the last seven years I have heard more than one joke about the mailman when strangers see Ava and then Jeremy and myself. Maybe it's because she is so flipping gorgeous. :) I am always envious of parents with little mini mes walking around, and Jeremy hit the jackpot in this area because he and Alex are twinkies. Anyways, I came across this pic and I instantly
loved it.


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Sara Lou said...

When Hayley was born, the first thing anyone said to me about her was from my dad. He said "I saw your baby! She has your eyebrows and dimple-chin.

My response... "I have a dimple chin?!"

:) I am SO glad you found the genetic-physical-facial trait your daughter got. :)

& I'm more so glad you came through surgery beautifully... even if you might have half your hair. ;) Just put a big ole' sticky Christmas Bow on that side...