Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School!

Today was the first day of school! Ava was stoic but also seemed fragile. I debated whether or not to help carry her school supplies in. I decided on putting them in her backpack. We took pictures and a few friends (Camilla and Valencia) ran up to hug her and say they missed her. I had to leave in a hurry to help Alex so I didn't get to see Ava actually walk in. This made me sad but I was so happy to have my mother in law there with me to watch her go in. I ran over to help Alex line up. The aide at the end of the line took his hand and he reached and also grabbed his teacher's hand. He held onto both of them and they laughed, saying, "he really has this all figured out". Right before walking in he broke from his teachers and said that he needed to give his mom one more hug and kiss. That's when the tears really started flowing for me, and it really melted my heart. Both of them had a fabulous first day of school. : )


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