Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PW's Egg in a Hole

Do you LOVE The Pioneer Woman? I do. I love her cookbooks, her photography, and most of all her sense of humor! If you haven't checked her out yet...DO! Right now! (www.thepioneerwoman.com).

Anywho. I also LOVE her recipe for Egg in the Hole. The Pioneer Woman tells us it is a breakfast item that goes by many names. Ava calls it breakfast pizza. Alex calls it yum. I call it heaven.

sliced bread (the heartier the better!)
large eggs

1. begin with a slice of bread and use a cookie cutter to make a hole in the middle of the slice.
2. heat 2-3 T butter in skillet over med-low heat. Place bread in skillet and allow it to soak up some butter.
3. after 1 minute, crack egg into the hole.
4. Sprinkle with S & P to taste and toss another 1 T of butter into pan if you feel so inclined.
5. with spatula flip bread to the other side and sprinkle with some more S & P. Cook until egg doneness is desired.

p.s. The kids also love it if you toast the bread centers and spread with jelly! YUM!

Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman--ours disappeared too fast to be photographed!

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