Thursday, January 28, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Oh my the little miss has been saying some funny and so very endearing things.
On the funny side--today I spelled the word "sexy" for Jer after looking at a picture. I asked him, 'do you think this picture looks a little too s-e-x-y?" Ava thought I was talking to her and replied, "how would I know, I don't know that word". On the endearing side, she later told me that I am the very best, and she loves me the most. She then jumped into my lap and wrapped her pretty little arms around me. She's the best snuggler ever. As you can see from the pic, she has started taking a tumbling class. I think she enjoys dressing up more than she enjoys rolling around on mats. She does give a lot of hugs and kisses to her fellow tumblers.

My little pork chop continues to be as active as her. He throws a ball like a pro, and loves to jump and dance. He has a weakness for his binky, his sippy of milk, stickers, bracelets, and Dora cartoons. He uses a lot of nonsensical terms interchangeably (beeeaaarrr!), but we always manage to know just what he wants. I'm sad that he is growing up so quickly. Don't you love his new little big man hair cut?

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