Monday, December 21, 2009

Some Sixth Sense Shenanigans

While brushing her teeth, Ava started talking about someone named "Nicholas". She doesn't know a Nicholas, that I am aware of. When I asked her where she met him, she said, "in the castle, mom". She then went on to tell me that Nicholas likes her, and that he is her cutie. She described playing with him, but said that "some people don't like him". When I pressed her further, she said, "he's far away, mom". She then said, "mom, what do you do when people don't like you?", and "mom, some people don't like me". I was already creeped out big time by her talk of Nicholas (whom she later called Nicky), but then felt a pinch of a different kind of pain when she talked about not liking people/people not liking her. It was that odd parental moment where you want to say something that will stick with them and form their psyche in a productive and meaningful way, but where you (I) end up feeling stuck, start mumbling, and don't know quite what to say. I ended up saying, "it's not nice not to like people". I am not satisfied with this response, but at 3, maybe this situation does warrant a simplified response? I put Ava to bed feeling a little like I did when I watched the movie Sixth Sense and that creepy girl said "I see dead people". While I am constantly amazed by the depth of Ava's imaginative little mind, and I know it's completely normal to have pretend friends, I nevertheless just checked to see that the doors are locked and have all the lights on.

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