Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Time for an Update!

I need to spend more time on blogger again.
Here's what's new:
1. Yesterday was my last day of work at Bridgeway. Seven years of sweat and tears at that place. I will miss my friends and special clients. I am promising to stay in touch.
2. I start my job with the school district at the beginning of August. I am excited and nervous as well.
3. Alex is blowing and giving kisses. He is such a little lover. He can say "ball", "mama", "gog" (dog), and "dada". He really likes to cuddle is soft blankey a little too much. It's cute for now, but in a few years, his dad hopes he kicks the habit.
4. Ava is a pinkalicious princess. She is very inquisitive and has an unbelievable memory. She is extraordinary when it comes to remembering landmarks. She also loves to color and go on walks with us.
5. Jer's job at Mt. Pleasant Treatment Center is going well. He looks forward to being able to bid on 1st shift.
Never a dull moment....

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Anonymous said...

pictures please and thanks!!!