Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's one of those days..

You know, one of those days when the last person at the coffee machine took the last cup and didn't make more coffee, when you hit your knee on the edge of your desk, when your kiddo poops after getting him bundled for zero degree weather, when your car windows and doors are all frozen shut, when your windshield wipers are frozen to your car even with water poured on them and sixty combined minutes of work to unstick them, when your flaccid dollar bill isn't accepted at the machine, when you wear heels and it snows five inches, when you have a headsplitting cold. You know, one of those days.


Hawklady said...

oh sweetie, I'm sorry. I hope that Ava does good sleeping tonight for you so that you can curl up on the couch and relax!!

Jeff and Elise McGee said...

You poor girl! I hope you get some rest and some time to yourself tonight :)

The Barnes Family Blog said...

Just remember...tomorrow is a new day!!! I hope you got to relax after the kids went down and the shoveling got done.