Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ava!

My baby is 2! How can it be?!?! Where did the last two years go?

Ava's party was a true success. The day was breezy and just a little cool. Ava developed an uncanny ability to bust each and every balloon by poking them with her sharp little nail. She was truly the belle of the ball, a social butterfly, and as busy as a bee. The highlight of the day was the pinata, a fine princess in the likeness of Dear Ava. Mom painstakingly crafted the pinata princess's hair to look like Ava's slightly shaggy bob. It truly looked like we were celebrating a hanging when poor Princess Ava was strung up on a tree and beat beyond recognition by small children. After blowing out the candles on her cake, Ava bent down and took a large bite out of the side of her birdie. She opened presents feverishly and scored tons of princess and dress up wardrobe items. She chanted "2, mama!" all the way home. Where did the last two years go? --Mindi

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amy said...

I love her. My baby still only occasionally admits to being 2, and typically only when pressed. True woman, I guess, reluctant to tell her age...